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About Kristin


     Hi. Thank you for visiting my website.  I am a pediatrician, parent of three young children, and a patient with epilepsy.  I live in Madison, Wisconsin with my husband, Andrew, and our children, Alex (11), Will (9), and Kalli (6).  I knew that I wanted to become a doctor from a young age, when I tried to collect the frogs and salamanders lurking in our neighborhood window wells to study the visible blood vessels that coursed through their translucent skin.  My journey with epilepsy began just as my training to be a physician began in earnest.  At the same time that I was learning how to become a doctor, I was learning valuable life lessons in my role as a patient.  

      During my odyssey through medical school, residency training, brain surgery and beyond, I have learned that sometimes the most valuable lessons are not be found in text books: sometimes a dose of compassion is the best medicine of all, and in a world of standardized visits and rapid check-ups, it's important to remember that each patient and family is much, much more than their disease.  

     Similarly, my experiences both as a parent and a pediatrician have given me perspective about the choices we all make when we raise our children. This combination of perspective and insight, advocacy and education is the inspiration for this website and for how I live each day.

My memoir, The Sacred Disease: My Life With Epilepsy, will be published by Booktrope in Fall 2015.  You can find excerpts from my book and stories about others living with epilepsy on my blog, One in Twenty Six

Dr. Kristin Seaborg brings a deeply personal perspective on epilepsy to all of us who read her blog or have heard her speak.  Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) was fortunate to have Kristin share her story in our 2012 video, which was shown to the audience at our annual Chicago event.  Kristin’s courage and resiliency are inspirational, and her sensitivity to her audience--whether  in written or verbal presentations--ensures that her message resonates and that her impact is profound. - Susan Axelrod, Founding Chair, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy