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Posted 02.22.2014, by kristin

Earlier this month, we bought a ping-pong table.  My husband, Andrew, and I beamed as we set up the shiny, blue table-top as a centerpiece in our basement.  We dreamed of reliving the fun ping-pong memories that we had as children: family tournaments at holidays, lazy afternoons accompanied by a small raquet and close friends, and (hopefully) hours of endless, harmonious matches between otherwise perpetually fighting siblings who might just become the best of friends.

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Posted 01.03.2014, by kristin

Happy 2014!

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Posted 12.15.2013, by kristin

Are you like me?

Are you waiting for a miracle?  

Every year around the winter season, I find myself wishing for some sort of miracle.  As the office becomes busier and busier with sick children and my "to-do" lists become longer and longer, I start by just wishing I could find a way to break away for a day -- any day! -- to rest.  But when the pressures don't succumb and the responsibilities escalate, I start wishing for things that don't make much sense in a cogent mind:

Maybe if I just broke my leg I'd have to slow down for a bit while everything heals.

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