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Posted 02.13.2015, by kristin

Dear Dr. Sears,

I have never met you, but your name comes up at my place of work almost every day.  Your books say that you’re a pediatrician, but I’m not sure that your message qualifies you as a physician at all.  If you graduated from a school of medicine, I imagine that you, like me, recited and swore by the words in the Hippocratic Oath.

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Posted 10.06.2014, by kristin

Have you ever felt like a total failure as a parent?

I know this experience is not unique to me, so to commiserate, let me share the events of today:

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Posted 05.31.2014, by kristin

Can you hear it?

The end of the school year has arrived for some and is just around the corner for most.  As if on cue, there is a rising chorus of children's voices both in my house and throughout the community.  Collectively, in a uniform whine, all the children seem to be complaining:

"Mommy! I'm bored!"

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