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Posted 08.14.2015, by kristin

Several months ago, I saw a 2 year old little girl in my office that I’ll call Jessica who had adorable blond ringlets, bright blue eyes, and a wide, disarming smile.  Jessica sat on her mother’s lap and glanced at me surreptitiously while her mother and I discussed basic aspects about her health.
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Posted 08.05.2015, by kristin

This story (and blog post) is from a few years ago, but it seems timely now that we're in the "back to school" physical season.  For all the parents who guide their children carefully through tremendously important immunizations.
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Posted 02.13.2015, by kristin

Dear Dr. Sears,

I have never met you, but your name comes up at my place of work almost every day.  Your books say that you’re a pediatrician, but I’m not sure that your message qualifies you as a physician at all.  If you graduated from a school of medicine, I imagine that you, like me, recited and swore by the words in the Hippocratic Oath.

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