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Posted 11.09.2016, by kristin

I woke up this morning with a lump in my stomach after a fitful sleep last night.  Reality set in quickly as soon as I picked up my phone and a screaming headline declared “Trump Wins!” 

As I groaned in dismay, a cacophonous chorus of anxious voices grew in my head. 

How could this be?

What will become of our country?

Will we be safe?

What will become of us?

What went wrong?

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Posted 04.15.2016, by

Moving from a school district you love into one you don’t like can be a challenge. Being a mom of 6 kids has its share of challenges but having a problem with a school up until now, wasn’t one I had faced. I admit that I get worked up sometimes over the smallest of things. It happens when you have Bipolar Disorder. That is partly why I was wearing a triumphant smug when it turned out I was in fact NOT overreacting about this.

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Posted 04.07.2016, by kristin

This week I'm excited to feature a guest post written by fellow Gravity author Lindsay Fischer.  Lindsay's memoir, The House on Sunset, was published by Booktrope in 2015.  

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