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Posted 04.01.2016, by kristin

Earlier this month, we bought a ping-pong table.  My husband, Andrew, and I beamed as we set up the shiny, blue table-top as a centerpiece in our basement.  We dreamed of reliving the fun ping-pong memories that we had as children: family tournaments at holidays, lazy afternoons accompanied by a small raquet and close friends, and (hopefully) hours of endless, harmonious matches between otherwise perpetually fighting siblings who might just become the best of friends.

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Posted 03.25.2016, by kristin

Oftentimes it is the most simple things that children do and say -- when they are not trying to impress anyone at all-- that remind me that perhaps they know something that we have forgotten as adults.  Kids look at the world through unjaded eyes and unencumbered hearts and have a unique outlook that can be educational to anyone that's willing to listen.

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Posted 02.26.2016, by kristin

     Although Valentine's Day is past, my house is still full of construction-paper hearts, chocolate candies, and a pile of heart-shaped lollipops that my kids brought home from school.  During the last few days of this month full of ubiquitous reminders of how to tell your loved ones that you care, I thought this would be the perfect time to write about how we speak to those we love.

     You may not think this topic to be apropos of a pediatrician, but let me tell you about a patient encounter that I had in the office not long ago: 

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