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Posted 01.29.2016, by kristin

Contrary to my best judgement, several weeks ago we got a dog.  Specifically, a brand new 8-week-old Airedale puppy.  Our kids have been begging for a dog since they were toddlers and somehow our overfed dog-sized guinea pigs didn't seem to fill that void.  Now that I've made a job transition and am working less, I started to think that now may finally be the perfect time to add a four-legged family member to our virtual zoo of small things that run and squeal and jump.

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Posted 01.15.2016, by kristin

My neurologist recently suggested that I try the ketogenic diet for treatment of my epilepsy.  Since I continue to have small seizures every 2 - 4 weeks despite taking two medications, the dietary therapy seemed like a good idea.  

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Posted 01.01.2016, by kristin

Happy New Year!

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? 

This year my first grade daughter came home from school with a sheet detailing her New Year’s resolutions.  She wrote down several harmless things for her resolutions that made me smile.  Apparently, she wants to learn how to “cartwheel” and “skate” (with a backwards ‘s’) in 2016.  Although I had no objection to my daughter’s ideas, the school project got me thinking.

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