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Posted 12.11.2015, by kristin

I wrote this piece last winter after a significant Wisconsin snow storm.  This year we have milder weather and green grass in December, but I still find myself wishing for a snow day!

Have you ever felt as if your life is running on a virtual treadmill? Especially around the holidays, it seems as if there’s never enough time to do all the preparing, pack all the presents, spend enough time with family, and take even a moment for rest or relaxation. 


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Posted 12.04.2015, by kristin

I don't know about you, but the more time I spend on social media or watching the news these days, the more depressed I become.  Whether the news is about senseless violence, emerging war, or inflammatory rhetoric, I can't help but feel hopeless and depressed the more I read.  Since I can't pretend to know all the answers and since tragedy is almost always multifactorial, this week I am aiming to focus on something else entirely.  It's time to search for Something Good.

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Posted 11.21.2015, by kristin

Have you ever noticed that children have a totally different perspective about the world around them than adults do? Where we see danger and obstacles, they see excitement and challenges.
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