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Posted 05.31.2014, by kristin

Can you hear it?

The end of the school year has arrived for some and is just around the corner for most.  As if on cue, there is a rising chorus of children's voices both in my house and throughout the community.  Collectively, in a uniform whine, all the children seem to be complaining:

"Mommy! I'm bored!"

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Posted 01.03.2014, by kristin

Happy 2014!

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Posted 12.15.2013, by kristin

Are you like me?

Are you waiting for a miracle?  

Every year around the winter season, I find myself wishing for some sort of miracle.  As the office becomes busier and busier with sick children and my "to-do" lists become longer and longer, I start by just wishing I could find a way to break away for a day -- any day! -- to rest.  But when the pressures don't succumb and the responsibilities escalate, I start wishing for things that don't make much sense in a cogent mind:

Maybe if I just broke my leg I'd have to slow down for a bit while everything heals.

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