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Posted 12.15.2013, by kristin

As the holidays approach with gusto every year, I struggle with how to teach my children to climb down from Santa’s lap and think about others for a change.  Don’t get me wrong; I think the holidays are wonderful.  It’s magical to see the glint in my 6 year old’s eyes as we light up the Christmas tree.  My 9 year old giggles with excitement as he methodically writes his wish list to Santa each year. 

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Posted 11.08.2013, by kristin

In the past week, I've heard several people mention thier "perfect" friends and family members with envy.  

For example, a new mom told me during a routine office visit about her friend who recently had newborn quintuplets.  While we were imagining what hard work it would be to raise five babies at once, the mom I was talking with stopped talking and rolled her eyes with a huff. 

"Paula always has everything together," she proclaimed.  "Leave it to her to raise quintuplets perfectly and effortlessly and make the rest of us look bad!"  

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Posted 08.07.2013, by kristin

Have you noticed that whenever you pick up the paper these days, there's another example of a so-called "role model" exhibiting deplorable behavior?  

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