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Posted 07.09.2013, by kristin

Oftentimes it is the most simple things that children do and say -- when they are not trying to impress anyone at all-- that remind me that perhaps they know something that we have forgotten as adults.  Kids look at the world through unjaded eyes and unencumbered hearts and have a unique outlook that can be educational to anyone that's willing to listen.  After a few memorable office visits this spring, I began to wonder if perhaps the best way to guide our children through their formative years is to try to remember how to think like a child.

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Posted 05.31.2013, by kristin

It all started with a pile of canned pineapples and a spork in a crowded lunchroom.  

My son was seated next to his good friend, who was exploring the many ways that he could flick a piece of pineapple tidbit off the spines of the spork onto the adjacent lunch tray.   As the arc of the tidbits grew higher and the volume of the little-boy snickering rose, my son's friend became more and more insistent on having a companion join him in the pineapple food game.  

"Come on, Alex, give it a try!" he beckoned.

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Posted 05.02.2013, by kristin

Isn't it amazing how sometimes a child knows exactly what we need?

Somehow along the way in our journey to adulthood, we lose that crystal clear intuition that blesses the soul of each child. Last week it was the simple actions of two children that left lasting impressions on my heart.

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