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Praise for Kristin's Speaking Engagements:

"Kristin was awesome & inspiring. ..grounded. .courageous & on many amazing levels"

-- Madison Downtown Rotary Member


From Dr. Tim Harrington, Madison Downtown Kiwani's Club:

"I’ve gotten amazing feedback from members on the effectiveness of your presentation—as in “The best I can remember.”  Making it personal is what made it work, as did your obvious command of the subject and its impacts on you and others. You opened peoples’ eyes to the physician’s role as educator on health matters, including reinforcing my awareness of this part of our mission. I share your excitement regarding advances in treatment of neurologic disorders as advanced imaging and molecular biology unlock the secrets of the brain. Looking forward to seeing you soon, and again, a wonderful book."



From Wisconsin Medical Group Management Association (W-MGMA):

"Well organized program, it makes us aware that the physicians may also be the patients and need us to understand what they are going through!  Having a physician present was excellent!"

"Great content. I loved all of the cited research."

"Best session of the entire conference."

"Great message for everyone."

"I am so grateful that Dr. Seaborg shares her story through presenting and through her book.  She was fantastic! and her message is very important!"

"Very moving! Should have been earlier in the conference."



From Peggy Duoma, Continuing Education Coordinator, Attic Angel's Community:

"Kristin's talk was compelling and illuminating and resulted in one of the best discussion and question periods I can recall having in 14 years of programming for Continuing Education.  Not only that, but she was a delightful person that I really enjoyed getting to know."

"Your story about how you have dealt with your life-long affliction with epilepsy was compelling and enlightening for those of us in the audience.  You truly kept everyone spellbound as you related your very personal experience to us and the discussion and question period was one of the best in my memory"    




From Pastor Sheryl Erickson, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church:

"Thank you for sharing your personal story and knowledge of epilepsy with Stephen Ministers and many other members of our church last night!  I learned a great deal in a short time last night about epilepsy.  It was enlightening to hear of your personal struggle to hide your condition for so long.  Thank you for your honesty and faith sharing as well.  It was moving to see how many of those who gathered to hear you had a family member with the condition."